Mentors are such an integral part of the Cheetah hockey team that we wouldn’t be a team without them.

Mentors encourage, skate and complete drills with the athletes.

Mentors receive SSL hours (sStudent Service Learning hours) otherwise known as Community Service Hours for their time spent working with the Cheetahs. Hour reports are generated quarterly for your convenience. Contact Ed Crane ( to be put on the weekly mentor distribution list which keeps you informed about practices.

In the past, Cheetah Coach David Lucia has conducted several mentor meetings to inform and help mentors with any on-ice challenges. Here are a few highlights:

  1. As mentors, you are helping the Cheetah athletes develop in life, in school as well as on the ice. Ice time carries over to other arenas.
  2. The athletes look up to you and follow your example so please keep in mind the coaches directions throughout practice.
  3. Positive feedback/encouragement is key and so important for our athletes.
  4. Coaches will roam around during drill time and take time out with each athlete.
  5. We are here to have fun!
  6. When the athletes earn a scrimmage at the end of practice, mentors will stand on the perimeter of the ice, encouraging the athletes.
  7. This is not free skate ice time – it’s for the athletes.
  8. Take water breaks with the athletes when needed.
  9. Coaches and parents are here to help support you. If you have questions, ask us.
  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, for your support, time, energy, and passion.


We’d like to set up some Cheetah practices with your teams. This has been successful and is something the Cheetahs enjoy. Please send Ed Crane your coaches and managers email addresses so we can see if this will work again this year.