Your athlete will need a game uniform, including the Cheetah's game jersey and hockey socks for Tournaments. These items are only available through and the jerseys are custom made for your athlete, including name and number. Per Highstick, they are currently running 4 weeks to fulfill orders.

You can order any time at

1. Follow the link to "Order Online",

2. then click "Fill-In".

3. In the "Original Order Identification" field, simply enter "Montgomery Cheetahs".

The best method to determine your athlete's jersey size is to have them try on someone else's jersey at practice, then take the size off of the label. Note that there are both Youth and Adult (or Boys/Mens) sizes, so be sure to note this as well as the actual size. Alternatively, there are instructions on the web site to help determine the size.

Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail for your approval. Current jersey pricing is $85, $12 for the socks, but I was cautioned that a price increase "is coming." Shipping and handling is $16.95

**If you have any doubt about your athlete's assigned number, please inquire with Mike, Jenny, or Sean to be 100% sure before ordering customized clothing. We don't want to repeat jersey numbers.


Cheetah Jacket and Pants

Cheetah jacket and pants, customized for your athlete (or Mom, Dad, siblings, etc.) with their number and name are also available. You've seen these great looking items at practice, now is a great time to get yours.

These items are available through the team at cost, $45 for the jacket and $22 for pants. To order jackets and/or pants, please contact Mike Slater at practice or email at Note, these items are customized and typically take 2-3 weeks to arrive, so don't wait!


Practice Jerseys

Practice jerseys are required for participation in every practice. Coaches design unique practices each week and require athletes to wear a specific practice jersey to help facilitate drills, scrimmages etc.

Each athlete needs one practice jerseys, which have their number on the back. Practice jerseys cost $15.00 and should be ordered through Mike Slater ( Please try on another athlete’s practice jersey to determine sizing as they may run a little differently than the uniform jerseys. Beginning athletes wear yellow/green jerseys. The more advanced athletes wear blue/red jerseys. If you have a question about which jersey your athlete should be wearing, please contact Coach Lucia.

We have a limited number of practice jerseys without numbers that can be loaned to new athletes as they wait for their practice jersey to arrive. These will need to be washed and returned before picking up the numbered practice jersey.

Coach Lucia posts practice goals outside and inside each locker room prior to practice. Please refer to these practice run-down sheets to see what jersey your athlete should be wearing and where he should be positioned on the ice after the warm up.